Hey there,

If you're already a student in one of my existing courses, then you're probably wondering what the difference is between my new course and my existing courses.

My Analytics Academy course is an entirely new course. There will be some overlap with my existing Google Analytics Complete course, for example, it will cover the reports and configuration options, however the new course will go beyond just looking at Google Analytics. It will cover using complementary tools, elements of Google Tag Manager, creating dashboards with Google Data Studio and how to develop and run experiments with Google Optimize.

It won't replace my Google Analytics Complete course, since I know that some of my students (and prospective students) only want to focus on Google Analytics. 

It's the first time I've offered an analytics course that covers this much ground. We've also invested a lot of time developing this course, so it will be offered as a premium course with enrolments offered for a limited time.

You can find a comparison of my new and existing courses below. If you have any questions, then don't hesitate to email to hello@lovesdata.com and either myself or one of my team will get back to you.

– Benjamin and the Loves Data Team


This course is only available for a limited time. Don't miss out.


Does this mean the Google Analytics Complete course is out-of-date? 

My Google Analytics Complete course is still current and up-to-date and it won't be replaced by this new course.

Is the new course completely different to the existing Google Analytics Complete course?

The new course is an entirely seperate course. Yes, there will be some overlap in terms of content, but there will also be a whole range of other topics covered. I'm working on a comparision chart so that you'll be able to see what's included in my existing courses compared to my new course. I'm hoping this will help people decide if they want to join my new course or stay with the course (or courses) they're currently enrolled in. I'll be releasing this comparision chart next week.

Have another question?

We're here to help – email us at hello@lovesdata.com and we'll answer your questions.

GA = Google Analytics
GTM = Google Tag Manager
GDS = Google Data Studio
GO = Google Optimize

NEW COURSEGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Tag ManagerGoogle Data Studio
GA guideYes
Interface featuresYesYes
Getting started with GTMYesYesYes
GTM guideYes
Setting up GAYesYes
Calculating timeYesYes
Account structureYesYes
Tracking pagesYesYesYes
Tracking formsYesYes
Tracking scroll depthYesYes
Tracking videosYesYes
Ecommerce with GTMYesYes
Complementary toolsYes
Tools for websites and contentYes
Tools for organic and paid searchYes
Tools for social mediaYes
Advanced configurationYesYes
Configuration checklistYes
Tracking campaignsYesYes
Linking Google AdsYesYes
Tracking internal promotionsYes
Audience reportsYesYes
Acquisition reportsYesYes
Behavior reportsYesYes
Conversion reportsYesYes
GA dashboardsYesYes
Introduction to GDSYesYes
GDS interface featuresYesYes
Connecting GA data to GDSYesYes
Creating charts in GDSYesYes
Blending data in GDSYes
GDS customizationYesYes
Example dashboardsYesYes
Analysis techniquesYes
Introduction to testingYes
Using a testing processYes
Types of testsYes
How, what and when to testYes
Introduction to GOYes
How to run an experimentYes
Interpreting resultsYes
Testing adsYes

This course is only available for a limited time. Don't miss out.